Make the most out of your organisation or team

There can be no doubt that only tailored measure deliver the desired effect. We therefore begin the development process by defining your specific objectives and analysing the issues for which solutions are required. Having done so, we then set about finding the spanners in the works of your organisation, project or team. Making full use of our keen eye for root causes, we carefully examine the status quo and propose a set of measures tailored to your requirements. Working in close cooperation with you, we determine the optimum change process and design each individual step to ensure that you move smoothly and effectively towards a sustainable culture of motivation, enthusiasm and success.

Our Portfolio

Potential measures include:

  • SWOT analyses
  • Creative, sustainable departmental development and teambuilding aimed at enhancing communication within the department or team
  • Definition of a catalogue of measures, guidance on the implementation thereof
  • Optimisation of processes within the team or during specific project phases
  • Consulting and strategy development within the context of dialogue processes
  • Guidance during change processes, design of transitional phases (e.g. reorientation further to fusions, departmental mergers or restructuring)
  • Chaired conflict

Where sensible or required, the measures selected can be implemented in combination with training courses or individual coaching tailored to your specific requirements.

What our customers say

  • "We definitely made the right choice!" ...

    “After just three sessions the atmosphere is already much more relaxed than I’ve ever experienced it. We appear to have not only become more sensitive to each other’s needs, but also understood that each and every one of us is able and willing to bring about positive change in a variety of areas. Your hard work has really set something in motion – I couldn’t be more delighted.” Manager at a public authority

  • "As a team we’ve improved how we communicate with each other and deal with differences" ...

    “We learned a lot about how we want to communicate within the team. We’re also now much better prepared to deal with the type of intercultural differences that can slightly aggravate conflict situations.” Research assistant at a university