Make the most out of your potential

Which factors guarantee that a training course has a lasting effect? At the very least it must provide fresh input and motivation, combine theoretical content with practical demonstrations, offer opportunities to practice the skills taught and blend constructive feedback with self-reflection.

Our customers come to us looking for tailored soft skills training and seminars that bridge the gap between specialist theories and the application thereof in real-world scenarios. The fact that we remain alert and responsive to their needs throughout ensures they experience that moment where everything “clicks”. The use of a variety of modern teaching methods, interactive elements and exercises locks in participants’ attention for the duration of each session, maximises the practical benefit they draw from their training and ensures the targeted, effective transfer of the knowledge and expertise they require.

Whether you opt to book a series of in-house workshops or a public seminar, you can rest assured that our training concepts are always based on needs analysis focusing on your goals, expectations and the special requirements of your target group. In some cases this involves the use of a questionnaire, in others we carry out individual and/or group discussions with you in advance. The information we gather forms the basis for the subsequent concept design process.

Our trainers possess a range of expertise and international experience. We are therefore able to offer you training across a broad spectrum of subject areas. All courses can be delivered in German or English, with some available in Spanish.

Our Portfolio


  • Leadership Skills
    • Tools for the effective leadership of employees and the self-management of managers and employees in project teams without a designated leader
    • Value-based leadership
    • Learn how to deal with current issues (e.g. restructuring), prepare for future challenges or refresh and refine existing skills
  • Team and Customer Communication
    • Learn how to improve interpersonal relationships in new, restructured or stagnant teams and projects
    • The skills learned can be applied to customer dialogue, day-to-day activities, remote communication (e.g. by telephone), difficult situations and complaint management
  • Presentation - Learn how to prepare and deliver authentic, convincing, dynamic, comprehensible presentations and documentation (target group: managers and academics)
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Learn how to prevent conflict before it arises or escalates
    • Learn how to resolve and overcome existing difficult situations with confidence and a lasting effect
  • Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout, Unlock Your Potential and Enhance Your Resilience (for managers and employees)
  • Time and Self-Management - Learn how you and/or your employees can prevent burnout by making your daily routine more efficient, less stressful and more satisfying
  • Life and Career Planning - Learn how to pursue and achieve your goals in a way which satisfies your needs and benefits your organisation right from the outset (target group: young managers and academics)
  • Intercultural Cooperation
    • Aimed at managers and employees who work and interact with people from different cultural areas
    • Learn how to understand, handle and make constructive use of existing differences within international teams or between international locations

What our customers say

  • "So many useful suggestions!" ...

    “To quote Vera Birkenbihl: ‘Think of my talk as a supermarket – everyone can take away as much as they want’. I could barely carry my shopping basket after your ‘talk’! Thank you so much!” Sales representative for a biomedical engineering firm

  • "Great balance between theory and practice" ...

    “I was particularly impressed by the flexibility with which the speaker was able to deal with the individual requirements of what was an extremely diverse group of participants. She also struck a great balance between theory and practice.” Trainer at a college of further education

  • "Great workshop" ...

    “First of all, thank you once again for your great workshop. We all learned a lot and had a great time during these two past days.” Forestry student from Brazil on the DAAD programme

  • "Plenty of food for thought" ...

    “The workshop gave me plenty of food for thought – much more than the other workshops, I’d have to say. And so much of that was down to Monika Maria Thiel. She comes across as highly competent and her workshops are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most to date – even when they were heavily oversubscribed.” Research Associate at a university

  • "Absolutely excellent workshop" ...

    “The trainer welcomed questions and always tried to keep the environment happy and healthy without losing the grip on the contents and the plan. She gave very good examples and used a lot of different mediums to keep the course interesting. This was an absolutely excellent workshop, I have not attended a better one yet. “ Research Associate (Research Project)

  • "I came away with a wealth of useful knowledge" ...

    “I learned so much! I would definitely sign up for another seminar with Monika because I came away with a wealth of useful knowledge and she caters to the needs of each individual participant.” Employee at a public authority