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Monika Thiel

The benefits of our coaching are felt by managers, employees and freelancers alike. We see coaching as a personalised, partnership-based process that empowers you to achieve your goals. The process begins with the establishment of a working alliance between us characterised by clearly defined timelines and goals. Supported by a blend of structured, motivational advice from your coach and a variety of goal-oriented tools and methods, you will then go on to challenge your perspectives, see things in a new light, unlock your potential and strengthen your competencies.

Our Portfolio

There are any number of scenarios in which coaching is the best way to enhance your professional situation.
Here are just a few examples:

  • You aim to step up to a management position or have already secured your first management role and are looking for a sparring partner who can help you carefully plan your first steps and develop your own leadership style.
  • You are not getting along with your team, a colleague, superior or business partner or finding it difficult dealing with a state of upheaval within your organisation.
  • You are a manager but have yet to establish a healthy working relationship with your team. You are therefore keen to improve the way team members see you and how you communicate with them.
  • You are stuck in the rat race, on the verge of a burnout and in need of a healthy, constructive exit strategy.
  • You want to (finally) deal with one or more specific issues.
  • You want to steer your career in a new direction.
  • You want to unlock your full (or “true”) potential and focus on your strengths but don’t know where to start.
  • You are faced with an important decision and need an advisor who will not only help you remain objective, but also encourage you to take what might be the most daunting but also the most fruitful path.
  • You’ve lost your motivation and accept you need to stop grumbling and get back on track. Mental coaching can help you get your thoughts in order, overcome your inner barriers and regain your focus.

Those who have the will to change always achieve their goals. What is more, they generally do so in a much shorter space of time than they might expect. We are not advocates of coaching as a permanent fixture in your diary. On the contrary, we see it as the starting blocks from which you can burst forward with renewed energy, a clearer sense of your strengths and the motivation, drive and focus to grab things by the scruff of the neck and turn them into a success.

What our customers say

  • "It’s really made a difference" ...

    “I wanted to thank you once again for the highly constructive sessions – they’ve really made a difference.” Manager in the film and media sector

  • "My days are now much more structured – and it feels great!" ...

    “As a managing therapist, my daily routine involves not only conducting emotional discussions with clients, but also taking care of the needs of my employees. Thanks to the coaching sessions, I’ve learned to organise my tasks into a hierarchy which enables me to structure my days in advance. There is finally space in my diary for my needs – thank you so much!” Head of a therapeutic practice

  • "Crucial momentum gained from an amazingly positive experience" ...

    “The coaching I received from Monika Maria Thiel gave me crucial momentum as I set about taking my career in a new direction. Her approach was highly sensitive to my needs and keenly focused on helping me achieve my goals. Her input helped me broaden my perspectives, which in turn led me to revisit long-since-forgotten career objectives which I’ve now integrated into my plans. Having been a little sceptical in advance, I found it to be an amazingly positive experience. Go on, give it a try!” Insurance specialist