Ursula Wendeberg

Ursula Wendeberg

Ursula Wendeberg graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Theory, History and Political Science from the University of Regensburg and holds additional qualifications in the fields of theme-centred interaction (TCI), teambuilding, suggestopedia and systemic consulting.

Earlier in her career she spent seven years working as a salaried project manager in the social and IT services sectors

Ursula has been a trainer specialising in life and career management, train the trainer, teambuilding and ADHD since 1995. She is also a qualified career and life planning coach (qualification gained from CoBeCe). Her expertise is particularly extensive in the automotive, electronics, healthcare, university and education sectors, and she has gained international experience in Austria, Canada, Argentina and Zimbabwe. Ursula lives in the Regensburg region.

Main areas of focus: Life and career planning, teambuilding