Monika Maria Thiel

Monika Maria Thiel

Monika Maria Thiel is the founder and owner of Creative Dialogue.

She studied Theology before going on to gain an MA in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Psycholinguistics and Intercultural Communication as well as additional qualifications in the fields of Commercial Mediation, Collaborative Practice, the Graves Values System and Systemic Supervision and Consulting. She is also a certified trainer and speech therapist.

Monika Maria has previously managed an adult education institution in the medical-therapeutic sector and spent 15 years as an editor for the Springer publishing house in Heidelberg. She has gained international experience in Luxembourg, France, the UK, Bolivia, the USA, Israel and Palestine.

As a consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator, Monika Maria Thiel empowers individuals, (international) teams and organisations engaged in change processes to discover themselves and their values, to unlock their full potential, to constructively resolve conflict, to manage changes creatively and productively and, ultimately, to achieve their goals. She also lectures at a number of universities both in Germany and abroad. Monika Maria lives in Munich.

Main areas of focus: Change and conflict management, personal development, leadership, burnout prevention, process consultation, organisational development, teambuilding